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Gujarati Camera Dictionary

By Gujaratilexicon

Application Details

Instantly Translate English words into Gujarati with your phone’s camera!

Application Features:

  • Translate English Word Into Gujarati On The Go
  • Offline Application - No Network Required
  • Easy To Use, Like The Regular Camera
  • Simple Interface To Use Even When In Hurry
  • Integrated Authenticated Gujaratilexicon Dictionary (English to Gujarati)

How to Use

  • Open app and point your camera towards any English word 
  • Keep text in focus by holding it, at least one hand-length away 
  • Hold camera button for a while, then release it
  • You will see word that recognized by app and its translation (if available in database)

Notes for Gettings The Best Quality Output :

Best used on clearly printed content Does Not recognize stylized fonts or handwriting It is not perfect, but you can get the meaning, if available ! Turn on the flashlight, if available Zoom in, if available Some features are device dependent, i.e not all phones cameras can zoom nor do all phones have a flashlight.

About GL Camera Translator App:

Now it has became easy with the help of Gujaratilexicon’s Camera Dictionary app to know Gujarati meaning of English word without installing dictionary or purchasing any dictionary. Just install the Camera Dictionary App and your pocket translator is ready to work. Start Using Your Word Lens & Enhance Vocabulary ! GujaratiLexicon Camera Translator App is managed by GujaratiLexicon & Arnion Technologies.