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Gujarati Word Match

By Gujaratilexicon

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Are you ready to play unique Gujarati puzzle game?

Explore the first ever Gujarati Puzzle Game ‘Word Match’.

Gujarati Game Word Match provides an opportunity to Learn Gujarati while Playing. It is a fun game which attracts all generations i,e Kids, College Students, Professionals etc...

Word Match Game Has 4 Sub-Categories -

1. Same Words

2. Opposites Words

3. Gujarati - English Words

4. Synonyms Words

How To Play :

First, Select The Category To Play

The Game Has A Board Of 20 Boxes. Each Of The 20 Boxes Contains A Word Hidden In It.

Click On The Box To Find A Word

Click On The Other Boxes Till You Find The Correct Word To Match With The Word Contained In The First Box (Match Can Be Same Word, Opposite Word, Synonym)

Try To Solve The Game With Minimum Clicks Enjoy !!!

App is managed by GujaratiLexicon & Arnion Technologies.